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POPPY WIZARD enchant the world of alternative rock with their debut single "Drowning"

POPPY WIZARD enter the music scene with a powerful first sign of life. Their debut single "Drowning" is available now and presents a style that weaves together the aesthetics of 90s grunge with 2010s alternative rock.

The accompanying music video for "Drowning" takes viewers on a bittersweet rollercoaster ride. The band describes the song as a reflection on the love-hate relationship with endless days that become endless nights, emphasizing the relentless cycles of life.

Originally started as a two-man creative experiment during the Covid pandemic in Düsseldorf and Cologne, Poppy Wizard has evolved into a band project driven by the shared passion of four longtime friends. Their music is a captivating mix of powerful, melodic and danceable songs that captivates the audience. Inspired by life's various addictions, their sound oscillates between heavy, dreamy and undulating structures that will delight fans of modern fuzz rock and grungegaze.

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