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OneMoreBeer release new single

"Psycho", the new single by OneMoreBeer, the track is available on all streaming platforms.

"Psycho" is an instrumental song with heavy metal music influences. An energetic song with powerful riffs broken by a melodic central part that ends in an engaging and dreamy final segment.

"Psycho" is dedicated to this crazy world where pandemics, wars, power games and tons of plastic in the oceans arouse more and more disgust, leaving us with only one question: is this the world we created? We want to hope for a better world.


neMoreBeer is an Italian band founded in 2018 by Antony (guitar), Stef (bass) and Holland

(drums), three people united by the same passion for music and the idea of proposing their instrumental rock, poignant and emotional, visceral. The band resides in the Modena motorvalley and is currently working on their first album.


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