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Nush Unbrushed releases Duran Duran version of "The Chauffeur"

Nush Unbrushed brings raw, real and ravishing on stage with her undeniable charisma and presence. This187centimeter glamazon full of sweet emotion combines just out of bedroom voice with intimate lyrics and early 90s inspired glam hair rock sound.

Her mission is to bring 90s sexy back in music and encourage everyone to live their personal truth with her example – it is never too late to be who you really are! Having been singing her whole life, the kick start for professional singing happened in Las Vegas 2019 by accident, where she met billboard hits written blues guitarist Gary Hoey, who encouraged her to start singing full force. It was a point of no return.

Nush Unbrushed has been living and singing abroad and performed in three continents, having had the privilege to rock the stage with such rock greats as Lou Gramm, Joe Perry and Vince Neil to mention a few.

About the song:

Duran Duran The Chauffeur is one of first recordings Nush did for the love for Duran Duran. The band has been one of her favourites since the 80s, and recording The Chauffeur was a love letter to her teenage crush band, and a way to show her own take on the classic ballad she considers one of the best of Duran Duran.


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