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Modern Melodic Death Metal band Disease Illusion release new single "Plastic Ocean"

Embarking on their musical journey since 2006 and now extending across Italy, Denmark, and England, Disease Illusion is proud to announce the release of "Plastic Ocean", the leading single from their upcoming third album. This track stands as a poignant metaphor critiquing our ecosystem's plight, compared to an ocean besieged by plastic, wherein humanity strives to swim against all odds.

"Plastic Ocean" serves as a clarion call against ecological degradation, displaying Disease Illusion's musical prowess and unfiltered lyrical strength. Crafted under the experienced hand of producer Giuseppe "Dualized" Bassi, the single mirrors the current environmental crisis, blending a compelling narrative with the band's robust and unyielding sound.

Available today on major streaming platforms, the release is accompanied by a visually arresting music video launched yesterday, capturing the track's profound message.

"Plastic Ocean" marks the beginning of an audacious new chapter in Disease Illusion's death metal journey, with more details about the album and upcoming tour dates to be revealed soon.


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