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Metalcore band Dead Cassette releases new music video for the track "After All"

After All was Dead Cassette's first single since the release of their debut album 'Revive' in April of 2022. Making its debut on December 30th, 2022, After All has all the elements of a core banger turned up to 11. Heavy and high energy verses with a massive, melodic, catchy chorus.

An absolutely brutal breakdown seals the deal, combining metalcore with deathcore. Paired with a fast, flashy music video... This piece gives a rush of adrenaline for working out or just

headbanging along.

Dead Cassette is a metalcore band from northeast Ohio. They consist of lead vocalist Justin

Karallus, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Corbin Wandling, lead guitarist Arthur Lawrence, bassist Joe Hoover, and drummer Kollin Manuel. Over the past year, the band made 3 festival appearances and played dozens of shows across the midwest of the United States.


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