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Metalcore act Blueprints release brand new single “More Rage”

The beginning of 2024 sees metalcore act Blueprints burst onto the scene with their brand new single “More Rage”. Previous members of Our Hollow, Our Home, Values and Seeker have combined to create this powerful new group who understand one thing. The hard graft of releasing music and working harder than everyone else to get it out there.

Nick Taliadoros drummed with Our Hollow, Our Home for 6 years, previously touring with Crystal Lake, Alpha Wolf, King 810, In Hearts Wake, Secrets and many other runs which included bands like Wage War, Polaris, Bury Tomorrow and Bad Omens, as well as playing on the Never Say Die tour, Nick also played festivals such as Graspop, Slamdunk, Open Air Metal, Fajtfest and many more.

50million streams, with 300,000 monthly listeners, featured in 3page spreads with Rocksound and Metalhammer, went to the top of UK Metal charts with the release of Hartsick in 2017 and played on radio 1 with their cover of Ed Sheeran – Shape of You.

Nathan Baker, who frontmanned Values, got to 30,000 monthly streams, toured with Ice Nine Kills and had been set to break Europe before Covid intervened in 2020. With a fanbase who still follows Nick Taliadoros and Nathan Baker (Vocalist previously in Values), Blueprints are setting their standards high with an eye to push themselves into a UK touring scene quickly.

Blueprints are set to release three singles leading to an EP release in May.


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