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Meet the Band: Mapache: Reigniting London's Punk Rock Scene with Raw Energy and Creative Fusion

London’s vibrant music scene is once again pulsating with the raw energy of live bands, and at the forefront of this resurgence is the dynamic punk rock trio, Mapache. Comprised of Charlie Zafrani and Liam Rudy, Mapache has been electrifying audiences with their infectious sound and captivating performances.

Bringing together their shared passion for skateboarding, Charlie and Liam quickly discovered a common bond that extended beyond the skatepark. Liam, with his extensive experience in bands like “Lucy and the Rats” and “Johnny Throttle,” brought a wealth of musical knowledge to the table. Meanwhile, Charlie, the band's lyricist, had previously lent his talents to groups like “Ten o Sevens” and “The Dub Ratz.” Together, their diverse musical backgrounds laid the groundwork for Mapache's distinct sound.

The band's moniker, "Mapache," meaning raccoon in Spanish, was a whimsical choice inspired by Charlie's Spanish friends who affectionately likened him to the mischievous creature. Reflecting their collaborative spirit, Mapache's songwriting process is a joint effort, with Charlie crafting the lyrics and matching them with Liam's infectious riffs. Sometimes the music takes precedence, with lyrics added later, resulting in a seamless fusion of creativity. Once the initial ideas take shape, the band refines them collectively, ensuring a tight and cohesive sound.

With a series of successful releases, including four tracks on Bandcamp, Mapache has garnered attention and cultivated a dedicated fan base. Their highly anticipated LP, “BATTERY POWERED,” will feature a compilation of their three studio EPs, promising an immersive musical journey for listeners. Mapache’s music is readily available on popular platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, ensuring accessibility to a wider audience.

In terms of visual aesthetics, Mapache draws inspiration from nostalgia, blending vintage elements with contemporary flair. Charlie stumbled upon a book showcasing vintage toy boxes from the 1960s, which served as the inspiration for their debut release's artwork. This fusion of old and new creates a visually captivating identity that complements their sonic energy.

Mapache's musical influences are as eclectic as their sound, drawing inspiration from an array of artists spanning genres. From the pioneering energy of Beastie Boys and The Clash to the rebellious spirit of The Damned and the infectious groove of Gorillaz, Mapache weaves a tapestry of influences into their own unique sonic tapestry. The Trojan Rock Steady Box Set also holds a special place in their hearts, reflecting their appreciation for diverse musical styles.

About Mapache: Mapache is a dynamic punk rock trio based in London, UK, comprised of Charlie Zafrani and Liam Rudy. With their raw energy and captivating live performances, Mapache is spearheading the resurgence of punk rock in London’s music scene. Drawing from influences ranging from Beastie Boys to The Clash, Mapache promises a musical experience that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression.


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