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Max Fite’s Drops New Video for Stomping Hard-Rock Song “Night Owl”

Featuring drummer Joey Castillo of Queens of the Stone Age, Danzig, Bronx, etc.

Max Fite’s genre bending debut album “Night Owl” is a tour de force. Recorded at the world famous Rancho De La Luna studio in Joshua Tree, California Fite under the direction of producer Derek Cruz. Fite, as well as members of Queens of The Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal have created the new sound, genuine classic for fans of Alternative, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic, Industrial and Rock N’ Roll.

Scenes of him sinking underwater, cruising around in a vintage car, walking through mysterious doors that appear next to cactuses, and rocking out in the desert sun are the perfect accompaniment for “Night Owl”s stompy riff and raspy-yet-tuneful chorus.


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