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LUGOSi drops 1st LP "inconsolable" with P.O.G.O. Records and Out of Thunes Records

After releasing their first demo in 2016, LUGOSi repeatedly played in Paris and its area, notably opening for The Armed, Frontierer and Sick of It All.

Often desperate, always furious, they deliver a punk-tinged hardcore, torn between the red of anger and the black of sadness. Their ambition : musical and emotional intensity, served by passionate music and raw lyrics.

Their 1st LP, « inconsolable », has been released in partnership with P.O.G.O. Records and Out of Thunes Records.

« This record is essential, it is visceral, it exposes its doubts, its fears and its guts in broad daylight. It rings true because it is honest,» Metalnews.

« There is a very interesting mix of punk rock, mathcore, hardcore and post-hardcore going on with a strong sense for forward momentum. One of the best punk releases you’ll hear this year. » Noob Heavy.


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