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Los Angeles duo ALÉ release new single "The Answer"

ALÉ, the celebrated duo from Los Angeles, has reached a definitive milestone in their career with the launch of their latest single, "The Answer". This track offers profound introspection, conveying the message that the solution to all our dilemmas lies within ourselves.

Often, we fail to recognize the opportunity before us to understand what truly unfolds. "The Answer" is a striking eight-minute composition divided into three parts, allowing the song to traverse diverse sonic landscapes. From slow, haunting rhythms to powerful, rhythmic crescendos, culminating in an epic finale where multiple elements converge with force, this piece promises to take listeners on an emotional and auditory journey.

Like other works by ALÉ, "The Answer" originated from a sudden nocturnal awakening—a spark of inspiration that propelled the duo along their spiritual path through music. Collaborating on this track are Ini Dminstrel Uko on piano and Ben Huff on bass, adding layers of depth and richness to the composition. The unique structure of "The Answer" enables listeners to experience a range of emotions and reflections while maintaining the introspective essence that characterizes the duo's work.

"This song is a testament to our ongoing exploration of sound and soul," says ALÉ. "It's about finding clarity in the depths of our own narratives and embracing the journey of self-discovery through music."


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