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Indie pop female project Earth to Cheska release new single 'Daisies'

Earth to Cheska' is a fierce-female indie pop project started by artist Cheska Zaide. She started her musical career at age 12, writing heartfelt teen angst anthems for her band, A+ Dropouts. In 2022, Cheska decided to embark on the 'Earth to Cheska' project, drawing from the idea of being the superhero of your own life and embracing an alter-ago, badass, confident version of yourself - Cheska vs the world.

Her debut single ‘Emily (Better Days)’ was featured on Youtube's Alt Frequencies playlist and sold out her first headline show at Hotel Café in LA. Last November, she released single 'Money', an overtly Gen Z lyrical bite bedded in unfiltered 90s rock for fans of Weezer, Taylor Swift, Green Day, and Olivia Rodrigo.

Now she releases 'Daisies', another 'girl warrior' Cheska style banger with anthemic but deceptively dark lyrics you just want to shout from the window of your car. On writing the song, Cheska describes 'Daisies was inspired by my ex who would still text me years after we broke up, just to tell me how great his life was going since he ended things. I always thought it was pretty funny how delusional he was - what did he expect me to say? “So great to hear from you! Oh yeah I’m great yes thanks. Everything is perfect. Just daisies!!!” HELL NO. So I never texted back, but I did write this song.'

This year, Earth to Cheska has a string of releases planned including incoming singles 'Power' and 'Girls Gone Wild'. She will also be touring across 30 US states and 5 European countries with DeathbyRomy and plans to promote her releases heavily while on tour, getting fans directly involved in social media content with her diy ‘parking lot tour’.


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