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Guitarist Rich Catalano release new single “Controlled Opposition"

Hailing from New Jersey, Rich made his first appearance in the Heavy metal scene playing in Deathcore band, Float Face Down. After making significant impact in the NJ/NY metal scene, the band signed to Rite of Passage/Mediaskare records on 2011. After the release of their first LP, Exitium Verum, the band toured all over North America until disbanding in 2015, After Float Face Down, Rich started the Metal-Core band Enigma Machine and released 2 EP’s. The band played shows in the NJ/NY scene but disbanded in 2018.

In 2023, Rich took it upon himself to capture his passion for instrumental guitar music. Passion for artists such as Angel Vivaldi, Andy James, Steve Vai, & Plini is definitely noticeable in this project. Rich’s first single, “Controlled Opposition” enraptures melodic guitar shred, with groovy riffs and hard hitting breakdowns. This first single is the beginning of things to come.


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