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GLASS MANSIONS releases new single and music video "STANDING O"

The duo is influenced by modern and 90s pop, heavy synths and tight, dance-friendly rhythms

Led by the charismatic, sultry voice of Jayna Doyle and multi-instrumentation of Blake Arambula, Glass Mansions is an Altpop duo from Austin, TX, influenced by modern and 90s pop, heavy synths and tight, dance-friendly rhythms. Their music is propulsive and elastic, with lush electronic beds of sound and intelligent, intimate lyrics. Live, it’s pure Rock n’ Roll – raw, sweaty, passionate and covered in a cloud of fog and confetti – and chances are you’ve probably seen them at some point or another as they’ve crisscrossed the country, playing places like SXSW, Warped Tour, Canadian Music Week, Illfest, Indie Week Canada, Florida Music Festival and opening for bands like Phantogram, Robert Delong and Young The Giant along the way. Their music has been featured on MTV, Netflix and Bravo and they’ve recently released two new singles, the grunge-tinged “Faith” and a unique cover of Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” recorded inside of a Tesla. "STANDING O," the Austin duo's newest single and music video, is out now. ABOUT "STANDING O"

According to Doyle, "‘Standing O’ is our modern times continuation of Lesley Gore’s ‘You Don’t Own Me.’ Having both experienced and witnessed the abuse of power by men in notable positions, both in and out of the music industry, I wrote this song at a time when I felt peak exhaustion and frustration as someone that identifies as female. Repeatedly encountering being gaslit, my worth dismissed, groomed, talked down to publicly all while watching this new rise of oppression in our country being force-fed to us by the media by these performative men in power — our voice is the most powerful thing we have in fighting back. Speaking up for ourselves, speaking up for others, voting, marching, protesting, pushing back against the patriarchy is how we reclaim our power. This song is a call for a sarcastic standing ovation to applaud oppressors for thinking they have more power at the end of the day than they actually do. We still have our voice. The video for ‘Standing O’ is a large commentary on being attached, obsessed, and ultimately controlled by the media, while the cables represent oppression. Clips of old Glass Mansions music videos are a metaphor for being tied to the past, while wanting to move forward and not be defined by it. Various video clips serve as reminders — black lives still matter, a woman’s autonomy and rights shouldn’t be up for debate, the queer and trans community matters and deserves more representation. We hope this video and song inspires and ignites listeners to keep fighting, push back, and use their voices to free themselves."


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