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German rock band Mass Rift announces new EP "Written in Stone" for march 2024

The Hamburg rock band Mass Rift proudly announces new EP "Written in Stone" for march 2024 . The independently produced tracks, mixed in Oldenburg's sound studio and by New York cult producer Robert Smith mastered, develop a unique sound: from hard 90s guitar stoner rock riffs to catchy alternative Rock vocal melodies to technical drumming and groovy slap bass. The EP is an artistic homage to the dying subculture at Hamburg's Sternbrücke and simultaneously marks the end and the beginning of an era. Experienced the EP from March 30th on all streaming platforms - a musical journey through the past and future of the Hamburg subculture.

The EP is designed as a homage to the dying club culture at Hamburg's Sternbrücke. This topic doesn't just drag on through the musical composition, but also through the EP cover, which shows the iconic Hamburg Bridge. The place of EP release show on March 30th is Bar 227 under the Sternbrücke - a place that symbolizes the end of the subculture in Hamburg stands and at the same time creates a place of celebration and remembrance.


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