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German Melancholic-Metal artist JAÎSA release new single "Memories"

Bringing out the darkest past, memories that immediately bring tears to your eyes. “In a very short time, a song was created that corresponds so much to my aesthetic both metaphorically and musically and at the same time expresses my problem of living too much in the past and letting it influence me in the present more beautifully than anything else.”

Memories is a mix of deep, very metaphorical lyrics, catchy toplines and an epic arrangement of hard instrumentals likely known in Goth/Symphonic Metal and a small touch of melodic Black Metal. The EP will follow at the beginning of 2024, for which “Memories” is the first song.


JAÎSA is a german artist who creates melancholic rock and metal music and dives deep into the world of negative thoughts and feelings. Her music serves as a cathartic journey and invites the audience to be confronted with their own emotions and accept them instead of pushing them away. With a sound foundation as you estimate it from the metal and rock genres, paired with atmospheric melodies, introspective texts that cause goosebumps and a powerful voice, JAÎSA creates an experience that gets out hidden emotions and gives people the feeling that they are not alone.


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