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French solo music project Depuis l’Abîme release double single "Never Get Out of their Way" and "To Hate"

Depuis l’Abîme is a solo music project from Paris, France that started in 2020 with the release of the artist’s first EP called Partir. The mix of elements coming from post- hardcore, screamo, post-punk, noise rock and its uniquely raw vocals make it a stirring and exhilarating listening experience.

On the 1rst of march 2024, Depuis l’Abîme released two new tracks : Never Get Out of their Way and To Hate. Departing from its usually french vocal, those tracks sang in english are more intense and beautifully composed than ever.

Added to the list of new features are very real drums recorded in the U.S. by Brooks Farris and a brand new bass guitar played by the original artist. As always, these songs are about political power, the place of the self in a complex world and the repressed desire to change it.


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