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French pop/rock duo Blackfeet Revolution shares new album "Désordre"

Blackfeet Revolution is a pop/rock duet with a punk spirit - after more than 10 years of existence with some success in France, they have released an EP in French. Here is a track released during COVID period, one of the most powerful on stage. We are looking for exposure and for a booker.

After 2 EPs and an album, they made their mark on the underground indie rock scene in Paris. Neighborhood children, known on the local scene and in a family atmosphere from Bastille to République, the Blackfeet Revolution have formed their own musical tribe. Truly passionate, they have more than 300 concerts to their credit all over France.

Désordre is their brand new opus sung in French. Always with a very rock influence, the EP has some 80's sounds, sometimes more pop. A true project of maturity, "Désordre" remains marked by their DNA while detaching itself from previous opuses. He will look for new rhythms and a more assertive production. A sauce that we intend to have taken to the four corners of France!


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