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French alternative rock band Horizon Désert release new single "Pour moi tout va bien"

"Pour moi tout va bien" was written in a fit of rage after several close friends crashed under the pressure they had to deal with at work. This track is an explosion of energy, a dissonant journey from denial to rebellion. It summons Horizon Désert's influences from alternative rock, punk and metal to get this dark, heavy, uptempo track.

Horizon Désert is alternative rock sung in French, laying its heavy riffs and its precise rhythms with sincerity, to try and forget our feeling of helplessness. It is a rebellious call, refusing the only horizon offered to us - gratuitous and definitive exploitation of our environment, to create an array of useless things that pull us apart from one another.

The quartet summons influences from metal with heavy dissonant riffs, and a punk energy in choruses.


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