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Fixe Releases New Single "Tudo o que Vem à Mente" - An IntenseJourney of Brazilian Alternative Metal

Fixe, an innovative Brazilian alternative metal band, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, "Tudo o que Vem à Mente" (Everything That Comes to Mind). The track promises to take listeners on an emotional and sonic journey, a hallmark of the band's identity.

Blending elements of alternative metal with eclectic influences, "Tudo o que Vem à Mente" delves deep into themes of introspection, expressing the complexity of human thoughts and emotions. The music is a powerful reflection on the volatile nature of the human mind, navigating through intense sonic landscapes and profound lyrics.

Commenting on the release, Ron Martin (gruitar, synth, producer) of Fixe says, "We're extremely proud of our new single. It captures the essence of our music and our journey as a band so far. We hope fans feel the same intensity and connection that we felt while creating this music."

"Tudo o que Mem à Mente" is available for streaming on all digital platforms starting from January 2024. The single marks an exciting new chapter for Fixe, who continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their unique approach to alternative metal.


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