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Female President’s release debut EP “Our Year To Grieve”

The new material is twenty minutes of pure emotional release amplified through symphonic movements and classic rock roots

Gastonia, NC: Regaining your voice when you feel as though you’ve been drowning. Opening with an elegy to Drea’s late father, Our Year To Grieve immediatley lives up to its title. Wild guitar riffs, punchy bass runs, and frenetic drums in Saints Of Heartache kick the door down and let in the light after the vulnerable wailing in Elegy For My Father. The album takes the listener on a journey from utter heartbreak to new-found resilience, with songs like Sacred Voyage and Nine Nineteen. Adding a new spin on their debut single covering the impact of COVID-19, Bring Back The Ghosts now features punctuating horns throughout the song. After one year of composing, rehearsing, and recording, the trio of Female President is ecstatic to finally release this extremely personal album to the world.

An energized modern rock trio inspired by the early roots of rock n roll; Female President uses heartfelt grit and simplistic riffs to create a sound all their own. A family of musicians whose individual styles build dynamics and groove to a fever pitch.

Dréa Atkins (of Farewell Albatross), Johnny Moss (of DSR), and Jasper Cunningham (of Vacant Lights) formed the band during the summer of 2020. Dréa’s vocals may be the center piece of each song but Johnny’s fluidly grounding bass lines and Jasper’s expressive drumming create a journey of sounds and emotion in this first album. Singles like “Saints Of Heartache” and “Sacred Voyage” continue to gain recognition on streaming platforms and while they seem like uniquely different feels, they have a common thread that binds them. Female President created “Our Year To Grieve” with several guest musicians in order to breathe details into each song and the album as a whole is dedicated to the passing of Drea’s father (Jasper’s grandfather). They are already writing and recording a second EP with plans to release it in the late Spring of 2023.

Female President can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Youtube and most other streaming platforms. For Facebook and Instagram, search @femalepresidentband.

Bio: An American family trio inspired by early roots of rock n roll; simplistic riffs that groove and dynamics that build to a fever pitch. Starting during the pandemic as a way to cope with canceled tours and shuttered venues, Female President writes songs with an honest grit and emotional vibe that you can groove to and rock out. Combining their unique styles of playing and genuine love of music, Female President is an energized modern rock band with a sound all its own.


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