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Ethereal Dawn releases new single ‘Through Darkness,Shine Your Light’

The track is the first single from the upcoming Mini-album ‘My Destiny’.

Marcus Ek’s upcoming cinematic metal song ‘Through Darkness,Shine Your Light’ is the first single from the upcoming Mini-album ‘My Destiny’. This song follows the same fantasy saga that Marcus made called ‘Winterheart’,but also has a deeper meaning in our reality. The song reflects the darkness in this world and how to cope with it. How to find the light in your life whatever it can be. No matter the struggle the beautiful things in life will prevail!

About Marcus&Ethereal Dawn

Marcus was born in 1995 in the chilly part of northern Sweden,Boden. In 2014 he decided to start his own project ‘Ethereal Dawn’. As he took his guitar and began his singing journey. A new music era of his life took place. As the composer/Instrumentalist and vocalist of what would become ‘Ethereal Dawn’.

With his debut album ‘The Moonlight Of Gloom’ he had the honor to have Tommy Johansson from Sabaton/Majestica as his producer/backing vocalist/Bassplayer for his debut release. Along with some other huge names such as Fabio Lione from Rhapsody Of Fire/Angra and Petr Elfimov from Eurovision. These two legends sang on 2 tracks.


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