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English duo LAKE ACACIA release the heavy rock new single ‘Make or Break’

LAKE ACACIA release new electronic influenced heavy rock new single ‘Make or Break’, the band's fourth single of the year.

It's hard to categorize LAKE ACACIA which in today’s music should be a good thing.

Musically they would sit somewhere between MUSE and Royal blood, however they offer something different in the way put their sound together. Bass, drums, synths, electronic percussion, big riffs and uplifting melodic choruses with layered vocal harmonies and meaningful lyrics.

LAKE ACACIA is Tim on lead vocals, bass, and synth, Joe on drums, backing vocals, percussion synths, and triggers.

More shows are coming in and are starting to build momentum.

01-Jul-23 HMV Bath

08-Jul-23 HMV Newbury

14-Jul-23 Readipop Festival - Reading

22-Jul-23 HMV Oxford

29-Jul-23 HMV Bristol Broadmead

05-Aug-23 HMV Leicester

11-Aug-23 Via Fossa - Nottingham

19-Aug-23 HMV Swindon

16-Sep-23 HMV Guildford

30-Sep-23 HMV Merry Hill

06-Oct-23 Metal Monocle - Leicester

14-Oct-23 HMV High Wycombe

28-Oct-23 Fox and Hounds - Stony Stratford (MK)


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