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Ed Banger and his Kardashits release new EP 'End of the World'

After a first EP 'Crash and Burn' very well received by critics, 11.11.2023 is the date of the release of the new EP 'End of the World'. 6 tracks still under the influence of a powerful space pirate punk metal rock'n'roll. Fun, riffs, heady melodies, in the service of nods to the world of cinema and a society in desperate need of fun. 5 new original compositions, each more heady and powerful than the other, and a cover of a classic Misfits, here you go. Bio

The concept :

Let us tell you the story of space pirate Ed Banger and his Kardashits. Coming straight from the Tangqa'puv galaxy, he wanted to take a shortcut through the nearest wormhole... No luck, the earth he thought had been destroyed by humanity was still there and he didn't have time to slow down... One crash later, all he has to do is discover the joys of earthly life, the Rock'N'Roll, alcohol, sex, video games and Star Wars...The Bottom Line Bio : By mixing musicians from various major Geneva bands, the band wanted to return musically to the very essence of the term 'Rock' with original compositions by drawing influences from bands such as Ramones, Misfits and Motörhead.


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