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Early Orange releases their secondsingle “The Tower”

The Amsterdam based psychedelic/garage rock quartet releases their new independent eight minute fuzz

Early Orange released their second single The Tower which is an eight minute long energetic spiritual journey. The song starts with a fuzzy bass riff that hooks you into the song with banging drums accompanying it. With adventurous leads, the song builds up to a stirring chorus.

The self released single, “The Tower” was recorded in 2022 at Ijland Studios by Tim Visser and Remko Schouten (Pavement, Bull, Canshaker Pi, ..). It is one of the biggest productions that the band currently has and it is especially impactful with its fuzzy bass and guitars. The shamanic touch within the vocals and percussions adds another layer of psychedelic dose.

“The Tower is based on a tarot card. It is a special song for us as it resembles a rebirth after a destructive change which was something we all went through during the quarantine. The

isolation forced us to look at ourselves and not every part we liked. Despite this negativity we wanted to have a positive and energetic twist to it.” - Early Orange.

Give Early Orange a chance which you will not regret and be sure to look out for live shows in the coming days!

About the band

At the end of 2020, Vladimir Popu and Kaan Kara found themselves as the remnants of a

dissolved band looking for a new one. Around the same time, Saad El Adraou and Petar

Marceta met and decided to search for a band. The mutual search connected the four via online forums during covid restrictions in Amsterdam and with the help of a random name generator, the band formed.

Early Orange has released two singles “X” and “The Tower” and two new singles “Radio” and “Don’t Look Left” are on the way. Early Orange can be loosely described as an orange mix of fuzzy guitar, heavy words, psychedelic and stoner vibes.Their music style ranges from garage rock to neo-psychedelic rock to dance-punk.

The band records all the songs live since they believe it is the best way to mirror the energy.

You can hear the experimental approach of the band with different gears being used in their

songs. While working on new material, Early Orange has also been playing live shows in

Amsterdam as they get ready to take over venues across the Netherlands and beyond.

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