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Deftones/Isis Supergroup Palms Share Two Tracks "OPENING TITLES" AND "END CREDITS"

Two previously unreleased tracks from the supergroup Palms, featuring Deftones singer Chino Moreno and members of the defunct post-metal band Isis, have been unearthed.

The songs have been combined under the title “Opening Titles / End Credits” and have been released via Ipecac Recordings. Likely hailing from the sessions that yielded Palms’ sole self-titled LP in 2013, the 10-minute piece serves as a reminder of the gorgeous post-metal music that the Moreno-fronted project produced.

The singer is backed by core instrumentalists in Isis: bassist Jeff Caxide, drummer Aaron Harris and guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer. As opposed to the more sludgy/metallic nature of that band and Deftones’ harsher tendencies, Palms falls more into the shoegazey dream-pop camp, with Moreno’s soaring vocals bedded by lush guitar lines and tidal crescendos.

Ipecac releasing previously unheard Palms material might be a one-off, though the move could also hint at a possible reissue of their self-titled album. Vinyl and cassette versions have long been out of print, fetching large sums on the secondhand market.


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