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Czech black metal project Mrakomor release new EP "V Dekádách Dekadence"

Mrakomor is czech black metal project established 2006 in Ostrava. Mrakomor is one-man project named after wizard from classical czech fairytale. 2006-2009 Mrakomor was active in czech undeground. Songs was released on physicaly on tapes. Singles and EPs from this years are rare. After 2009 project was in hibernation.

After 13 years in may 2023 Mrakomor released first official Ep with new material on digital platforms. Ep i aviable on Spotify and other digital platforms. Name is V Dekádách Dekadence(In Decades of Decadence). Now, split release with DSBM band from Slováka Suicidal Solitude is in preparation.

"In last weeks (29.05.2023) new EP from my black metal(DSBM) project was released worldwide. Its raw underground material. I was active 13 years ago and songs were released mainly on cassetes. After 13 years of hiatus, i released officialy EP V Dekádách Dekadence(In Decades Of Decadence). Its slow depressive black metal, but with more melancholic and sentimental mood. It has 5 songs and its 15 minutes long." says Mrakomor.


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