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Cevret release “Blinded”, the third song from their upcoming EP ´Sensus´

Cevret, shares with us his latest song, “Blinded”. “Blinded” is the third song from their upcoming EP ´Sensus´ and features the incredible Andy Cizek of the group ´Monuments´. “Blinded” metaphorically explores the fragility of truth in a world clouded by deception, unraveling the complex emotions tied to the erosion of what we hold dear, its unique, dynamic and aggressive combination of progressive metal vibes, metalcore and lyrics inviting us to a great reflection.

“Blinded” is part of what will be their new EP ´Sensus´ that will arrive this 2024 made up of 5 dynamic and energetic songs in addition to the participation of 5 incredible featured vocalists and produced by leading engineers in the industry.

About Cevret

Cevret is a progressive metal musician from Zurich, Switzerland, who is dedicated to metal and creating unique, powerful and emotional music. Through pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of the human experience, I am on the journey of creating progressive metal compositions that are both authentic and inspiring.


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