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Brooklyn band Durtle releases new album “We’re Installing Three New Elevators”

Durtle is a Brooklyn band that is changing the wave of New York’s music scene. They combine the iconic sounds of the city’s streets with metal and trap influences like City Morgue and Alice in Chains.

They have performed live extensively, rocking audiences all over the States and

beyond. With their new album, “We’re Installing Three New Elevators,” the duo illustrates the

universal experience of youth and brings us an intimate look at the neighborhoods and clubs of New York.

The city is a place of opportunity, but also of darkness, and this album reflects the

upheavals and disturbances that keep people down. The fast guitars, hard-hitting drums, and extreme vocal delivery invite us to dance, mosh, and let go of our humdrum day-to-day routines. With their new album, Durtle isn’t waiting for the new wave - they are bringing it to life.


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