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Brazilian rock outfit Bornes releases new EP "O Brasil É Um Só"

Artistic freedom is the great triumph of the gaucho band Bornes, created in the city of Cachoeirinha in 2012. Their alternative rock has amplitude, power, groove and influences from MPB, Baião, Rap and Samba, as it is shown in the debut album, "The Bornes" (2016), and in the most recent EP "O Brasil É Um Só" (2023). In it, Marnon (vocals and bass), Maikon Borne (guitar and vocals) and Maurício Truta (guitar) present lots of their references, such as Belchior, Stone Temple Pilots, Nação Zumbi and Pink Floyd.

"It may seem strange at first sight, but our style was shaped because we're used to listen a lot to Chico, Nação Zumbi, Racionais, Cartola, Belchior, Gonzagão, Sabotage and Zeca Pagodinho, for example. There must be some courage to scape from a musical island in order to avoid to get limited and start coloring the songs by the merge of others styles, especially because we are Rock guys and we all have great admiration for Metallica, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Guns N' Roses, Os Mutantes, Sepultura, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots, among others", explains Maurício Truta.

In the most recent EP, Marnon presents lyrics that approach the theme about the current day-to-day life in Brazil. This is why the title is "O Brasil É Um Só" (Brasil Is Just One) which leads to questions, as in the track "Do Outro Lado do Murro"( From The Other Side Of The Punch). "Music, poetry and beauty end up becoming a refuge, since everyday life in Brazil has been this hard and we often have to fight to keep hope and move forward", describes Marnon.

Currently, the musicians are dedicated to record a new album and to play in concerts. By the way, the live performances are what make the Bornes visceral show gain strength, as the band donates the best they have to the stage, interacting with the audience all the time. "Bohemia and irreverence are also present on stage and not only in the songs. In fact, our band is not afraid of the stage and always assumes this place as our own. To conquire more fans while playing live is the main goal for any musician and with us this is not different." highlights Maikon Borne.

Under the command of Maik Borne, the recording process of the new compositions has already began at Bornestudio. "The theme of love must be predominant in this new EP, with lyrics showing the joys and disappointments experienced by those who venture into the wild horses of love", adds Marnon. "Musically, the songs will have heavy parts, sharing the arrangement with MPB, Samba and others Brazilian aspects", concludes Maurício Truta.


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