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Blackened Progressive Metal Act Bärnserker Release New Album “Schlüssu zum Liecht”

Bärnserker songs are about the highest feelings of love, friendship and new life, Songs from the deepest chasms of the human soul, despair, pain and death. Packed in Blackened Progressive Atmospheric Melodic Metal with a sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller shovel of Death, Doom, Black, Metal.

Bärnserker-A 1 man project. Born in Bern, he gained his first experiences in the world of metal as a bassist in various bands in Bern early on. Among other things, with Hypnosis in the late 80s, early 90s and then with Moondawn, around 2000 until he emigrated to Germany in 2007. When he arrived in Germany, he put the bass out of his hands for a long time. Through fortunate circumstances, he returned to music at the end of 2021. The first songs were quickly created, but with the awareness of going his own way musically go.

That's why, after years of experience on the bass, he now dared to play the guitar and vocals. The first album was released in a short time. He describes Bärnserker's style as a wide spectrum in metal... without blinkers or limits. The texts are very personal and written in Bernese German. Of high mountains and deep black gorges of the human soul. An affair of the heart, therapy for body and mind, opening the soul and the heart for the musician. The second round is heralded in a similar style... the lyrics remain personal, the style is Bärnserker.

The single “Chaut” was released on July 2nd, 2023. New Bärnserker album “Schlüssu zum Liecht” is available on all streaming platforms.


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