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Bay Area Band The Sound Ones release new single "Groundswell"

The Sound Ones are comprised of 4 long time musician friends who have a passion for writing music. They have been in the music industry playing originals and covers for decades. They started a band called Farallon Tides in 2021, unfortunately lost their friend guitar player and writer to depression. They took a 6-8 mo break and started back up, with a new name, The Sound Ones.

They have a different approach on surf music. Most surf is happy and sunny, where they practice in Moss Beach Northern California, it's cold, foggy most of the time and usually 55 degrees, air and water temperature. They are located in the center of the red triangle where there are the most reported great white shark attacks. Their music tends to be a more serious toned. A little colder than normal. But still holding true to the surfy vibe.


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