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Bagfed releases « Brand New Souls », first single oftheir eponym new album

This first single « Brand New Souls » is a powerful rock anthem about taking control of

your life, cutting through the darkness and shining your colorful light to inspire others to

do the same. « What if billions of souls were givin' it all ? »

This message, intended to empower the listeners to take action and make that change

they’re hoping for, is delivered through a self-produced music video (just like the album),

made locally inside an almost two-hundred-year-old building, with a vintage feel but

plenty of soul. Proof by example of what can be done with little means, a lot of heart

and determination to spread some positive vibe !


Groovy Rock - Epic, tasteful, adventurous and powerful ! Be prepared for groovy riffs,

musical surprises, a handful of instrumental highlights, always serving the song.

Meaningful and deep lyrics speaking directly to the heart. Meet Bagfed !

Since its creation in 2002, Bagfed has finally consolidated its core group around

founding members Régis Humbert (drums) and Sébastien Dubail (guitar/vocals), joined

by Rodolphe Hartig (bass) in 2010. This french band, led as a side project to their careers

as senior executives, took a major step forward in 2021 when Sébastien left his

managerial functions in embedded software to found his own recording studio, “Groove

Sensitive Productions”.

This was an opportunity to work with independent artists from the local scene, and to

put the finishing touches to this new Bagfed album, which has taken the time to mature

in order to present an accomplished, uncompromising work in the tradition of

adventurous, epic progressive or independent rock, with lyrics in English and French

inspired by strong, profound themes. To bring their vision of this music to life, Régis and

Sébastien also play the keyboards on their respective compositions in the studio.

While TOTO's influence is obvious in their approach, this varied album flirts with rock,

pop and jazz, never aligning itself with existing formats, with freedom and audacity.

It's a unique blend of styles, drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as Peter Gabriel,

Dirty Loops, Cory Wong, Muse, Radiohead and Frost, but always centered on a solid,

groovy bass-drums duo.

The complementary nature of these three musicians also extends beyond the musical

sphere, for while Sébastien is in charge of audio production, Rodolphe is responsible for

the graphic design of the covers and packaging, while Régis is in charge charge of photo shoots and video production. The result presented here is 100% DIY!


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