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Astro-Lloyd release new single 'Dolph' and announce new EP in May

Astro-Lloyd, the electrifying force hailing from a cold garage on the outskirts of Malmö,

Sweden, has once again set the alt-rock scene ablaze with their newest single, 'Dolph'.

Released on March 29th, 2024, 'Dolph' marks another chapter in the band's sonic journey,

combining alternative rock with punk-y undertones in their signature style.

Astro-Lloyd's story began in 2011, fueled by raw energy and a relentless drive to push

boundaries. Since their inception, they've captivated audiences with their dynamic

performances, earning accolades for their debut album 'Astro-life' in 2017 and the explosive follow-up 'LOUD NOISES' in the summer of 2023.

Now, 'Dolph' emerges as a precursor to their upcoming EP, aptly titled 'Let's Get Weird'. This collection of songs, too good to be contained within their latest album, promises a sonic adventure unlike any other. From the infectious beats of 'Dolph' to the anthemic roar of

'23.19' and the mesmerizing cover of Miriam Bryant's 'NERÅT/UPPÅT', Astro-Lloyd invites

listeners to embrace the weird—in the best possible way.

"We give 100% at every show," says Nils Lindkvist "Our concerts aren't just performances—

they're full-body workouts. Who knew you could dance to this kind of music? But trust us, it


But Astro-Lloyd is more than just a band; they're on a mission to spread positivity and

inclusivity. "We're trying to be the nicest band in Sweden," adds David Sivén "We believe in

aliens, the separation of church and holidays, and the power of unity. If you want to feel

included, join our upcoming space cult. It's going to be fun.”

The 'Let's Get Weird' EP, set to drop on May 10th, promises to be an exhilarating journey

through Astro-Lloyd's sonic universe. Featuring 'Dolph', '23.19', their cover of 'NERÅT/UPPÅT', and the enigmatic 'Cowboy' (to be released), this EP is poised to redefine the boundaries of

alternative rock.


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